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A is for Alcoholic

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     My name is John and I’m an alcoholic.  I am a writer, film maker, actor and artist.  For just shy of twenty years I drank alcoholically.  I took my last drink on July 5th, 2015.  For thirteen years I was a bartender.  The last three of those I was sober.  I’ve seen some of the worst of what alcohol can do from both sides of the bar. 

     From that messy chaos I have seen some of the best of what recovery has to offer.  My favorite has been to share and create A is for Alcoholic with my long time drinking buddy and best friend in recovery.  My hope from this podcast is that you find a little something to help you stay sober today.  No one has to do it alone.

Our Story

     My name is Jerry and I’m an alcoholic. I am a professional Tattoo artist, painter and sometime poet. I drank alcoholically for seventeen years. I have been sober from alcohol since July 4th 2014. Since then I have experienced a gauntlet of experiences and emotions. Most of them seemed impossible in the moment but turned out to be very simple. It is in my nature to complicate things occasionally....  ask my wife.       

     My intentions in co-hosting this podcast and illustrating this book are to provide a resource that will hopefully assist any alcoholic who still suffers. I find the ability to relate to fellow alcoholics a valuable tool in my arsenal. I appreciate you listening...

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